DUP and UUP resorting to tribal politics for joint candidate – Dickson

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson MLA has said that the DUP and UUP are resorting to tribal politics by selecting a joint candidate for the Mid-Ulster by-election. They have picked Nigel Lutton, who is not a member of either party.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I am disappointed that the DUP and UUP are resorting to tribal politics in their agreement for a joint candidate. It should not be people in secretive meetings who determine who the public should vote for, it is the electorate who should decide who they wish to be their representative.

“The public do not like the idea of being told who to vote for, that is the whole part of a democratic election. Having joint candidates is a step backwards for our society.

“We will be fielding an Alliance Party candidate for people who support our policies to vote for. Now that the DUP and UUP have agreed this candidate, I wonder if there are supporters of their parties who will not do as they are told and not vote for this person who has been forced upon them.”


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