Dunlop tells Hain to back integrated education

Alliance Party Education Spokeperson, Jayne Dunlop, has demanded that Peter Hain recognise that integrated education is the best option in helping create a shared future in Northern Ireland.

She called for the Secretary of State to promote integrated education, following the keynote speech which he yesterday delivered on a shared future.

Jayne Dunlop said: “Peter Hain must recognise the positive role played by integrated education in Northern Ireland. In his speech he talked about integrated or shared schools. Integrated education is the only way forward, shared schools merely maintain segregation and division.

“What we do not want is a more efficient segregated sector. We have now got have a chance to expand the integrated sector, and I call on Peter Hain to ensure that this opportunity is not missed.

“Integrated education provides a rich diversity of students and a common curriculum. It provides young people with the best possible future, a shared future. A shared future will help build good relations and it also makes financial sense. Segregation costs Northern Ireland £1 billion a year, but a shared future will enable us to invest more money in frontline services such as health and education.

“Integrated school places in Northern Ireland are already oversubscribed. The high demand for these places underlines the urgent need to create more integrated schools.”


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