Dunlop shocked by Gallaher job losses

Alliance Ballymena Councillor Jayne Dunlop has expressed her shock after it was announced that Gallaher’s cigarette factory in Ballymena will be closing with the loss of around 800 jobs. Gallaher’s owners JTI announced that it was closing its facilities in Northern Ireland and Belgium with production possibly moving to Poland and Romania.

Cllr Jayne Dunlop said: “This will be a massive blow to the local economy. Gallaher’s is one of the biggest employers in the area and they are well known throughout Northern Ireland.

“My thoughts are with the workers who will lose their jobs. This will obviously be a stressful and difficult time for them and their families. I hope that the Gallaher’s management will look to work with the Executive to provide support to those workers who will lose their jobs. I would also call on the Executive to help bring new employment into Ballymena.

“The loss of so many jobs will also have a knock-on impact on many local companies.”


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