Dunlop praises whole community for peace after Ballymena nationalist march

Alliance North Antrim Representative, Jayne Dunlop, is pleased that a nationalist march which took place in Ballymena last night passed off peacefully. She also praised the organisers of a fun day in Ballykeel, which greatly help to decrease tension in the Ballymena area.

Jayne Dunlop said: “I was pleased that the parade passed peacefully. It was a very small event, with just a few flag bearers and a small crowd of spectators with fewer police than last year.

“While I recognise that some nationalists feel a desire to hold parades in the town with the same freedom as loyalists hold parades, I don’t think there is a place for this type of parade which threatens the peace and stability of the town. It would be better if all organisers of parades would rethink the consequences of parades and make an effort to remove tension from the town.

“I commend the organisers of the fun day at Ballykeel which helped keep young loyalists away from the parade area and helped prevent confrontation between different factions.”


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