Dunlop appalled by lignite proposal

Alliance North Antrim representative, Jayne Dunlop, has expressed her anger over the draft Northern Area Plan’s proposals for a ‘Lignite Resource Area’, to protect the lignite for future extraction but not for the environment.

In submitting the Alliance Party’s response to the Planning Service’s consultation, Miss Dunlop outlined her disapproval:

“The proposed designation of a ‘Lignite Resource Area’ will protect the area only to ensure the protection of the lignite, rather than for any greater environmental reason. This contradicts Government energy strategy, with its aim of concentrating on renewable energy rather than on high carbon-producing fossil fuels.

“While we welcome the draft Northern Area Plan’s acknowledgement that mineral extraction ‘may have some adverse effects on the environment’, this does not go far enough. Alliance objects to the lack of designating this area as an Area of Constraint on Mining Development.

“Meanwhile, local residents are suffering from decreasing property values, due to the uncertainty of the future of this particular area. The Planning Service’s proposals do nothing to reassure.

The party’s response to the draft Area Plan also:

  • Objects to the lack of setting ceilings on the number of HMOs
  • Supports the halt of development on the Giant’s Causeway World Heritage Site
  • Objects to any development of apartments that change the visual aspect of seaside resorts
  • Supports the proposals to permit housing on Rathlin Island for permanent residents only

The full response can be read on


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