Dunlop appalled by attack on Eastern Europeans

Alliance Ballymena representative Jayne Dunlop has said she is appalled by a firebomb attack on the residence of Eastern European workers in Ballymena.

The former party Chair stated:

“This disgusting incident yet again presents the town as a hate-filled, intolerant place. Yet again, Ballymena’s reputation is dragged through the gutter.

“This is another example of xenophobia and racism which cannot be allowed to spread in our society.

“The Anti-Racism Network, of which my party is a leading supporter, has done some great work stopping this spread. However, this also requires leadership from locally elected representatives. It is not enough simply to ‘condemn’ — those elected must lead a process of education that displays clearly to the outside world that Northern Ireland is genuinely the friendly and welcoming place most people here want it to be.”


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