Duncan welcomes new UV monitor for NI

Alliance Councillor Sara Duncan has welcomed moves by the Health Department to raise awareness and understanding of skin cancer.

Health Minister Edwin Poots has announced the installation of a special Ultraviolet radiation (UV) monitor on the roof of Dundonald House in the Stormont Estate, Belfast. The issue is one close to Councillor Duncan as she has lost three friends to the disease.

Councillor Sara Duncan said: “I welcome the Health Department’s commitment to discover more about the effect of the sun on our bodies. Skin Cancer is a disease not many consider living in Northern Ireland, but collecting this information will help the public become better informed when it comes to protecting themselves against skin cancer.

“Not only is the sun a major cause of skin cancer, but it can also affect our eyes – leading to cataracts – and our whole immune systems. This is something not everyone will be aware of and why this new monitoring system is so important.

“While we are suffering extreme wintry weather conditions now, we should always be aware of what over exposure to the sun can do. I would encourage the general public to cover up, always use sunscreen and wear sun glasses when out and about.”

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