Duncan welcomes demolition at Forster Green

CASTLEREAGH Alliance Councillor Sara Duncan has welcomed the demolition of the old nurses’ home at Forster Green Hospital.

Cllr Duncan said: “Residents of Glecregagh Road are pleased that this boarded-up house has finally been demolished by Green Park Healthcare Trust, as it had become a focal point for anti-social behaviour.

“I received a number of complaints from local residents who were the victims of vicious attacks and anti-social behaviour, emanating from individuals congregating around the derelict nurses’ home in Forster Green.

“Residents’ lives were being severely disrupted by youths using the rear of the house for drinking parties. Bottles were thrown over people’s fences and residents were kept awake by the high level of noise coming from these gatherings. Although heavily secured, the house was broken into, and set on fire on several occasions, drain pipes were pulled off, manholes levered up and rats had burrowed under the fence into gardens.

“I had previously been in contact with the PSNI, who visited the site frequently, and Greenpark Trust, whose security men patrolled the area, however the best solution to this problem was to demolish the old nurses’ home, which I am happy to say has recently taken place.

“I would like to thank all those who were involved in the removal of this eyesore, as at least now residents have peace of mind and can get on with their lives without disruption.”

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