Duncan welcomes Assembly support to end age discrimination

Alliance Councillor Alderman Sara Duncan has welcomed support from the Assembly regarding equality for all ages.

The Castlereagh Councillor was speaking after Junior Ministers Jennifer McCann and Jonathan Bell said equality for all, regardless of age, is a key issue for the Executive.

The Junior Ministers were speaking at an Equality Commission seminar, entitled Strengthening Protection for all Ages in Health and Social Care.

Councillor Sara Duncan said: “This is an issue I feel very strongly about. The latest census returns show that the number of people aged 85+ has increased by 50% in Castlereagh Borough Council Area, and in other Council areas. With an ageing population, everyone must be treated equally when requiring medical and social services.

“I welcome the moves being made by the Northern Ireland Executive to stamp out age-based inequality. Support from the Assembly will be welcomed by all older people and their families.

“I would urge all older people to get involved with the public consultation for the Age Goods, Facilities and Services legislation that is scheduled to take place early in 2013, which will hopefully lead to legislation bringing an end to age-based discrimination.”


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