Duncan: Retailers and shoppers can benefit from Park and Ride

Alliance Castlereagh Councillor Sara Duncan has welcomed the inclusion of Cairnshill Park and Ride in a DRD initiative aimed to support Christmas shoppers.

The Councillor for Castlereagh south has been a long-time campaigner of the local Park and Ride. During a meeting with Roads Service at the site she suggested adding a ‘free’ sign to the car park would increase usage.

DRD Minister Danny Kennedy announced a package of measures this week, aimed at providing real help for shoppers and much needed support to traders in the run up to Christmas.

Councillor Sara Duncan said: “I warmly welcome this news this week. Cairnshill Park and Ride is in an excellent location and well placed to take some of the stress out of Christmas shopping the coming weeks.

“By creating greater flexibility with the Park and Ride system within Belfast, local retailers and residents are set to benefit. This move will give shoppers greater flexibility, by removing the stress of parking in the centre of town and providing a realistic alternative. It will also lead to more trade for retailers.

“I have long recognised the opportunities Cairnshill Park and Ride has to offer. It is for this reason I met with Translink at the site to request a ‘free’ sign be erected to encourage motorists to use the facility.

“I would encourage residents in the vicinity to consider using the Park and Ride facility at Cairnshill over the coming weeks.”

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