DRD Minister failing to show leadership on his budgetary difficulties – Lyttle

Alliance Regional Development spokesperson, Chris Lyttle MLA, has criticised the Regional Development Minister’s handling of his budget and dismissed claims of political point scoring over a Committee motion that was discussed at the Assembly. The motion declared that the Committee has lost confidence in the Department for Regional Development’s ability to effectively manage and maintain its budget.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “It is only right that the Regional Development Committee express our serious concern at the Minister’s handling of his budget which is in jeopardy of going beyond its limits. All of the parties on the committee supported this motion, bar the UUP, so I don’t think the Minister or his party can claim that this was an attempt at political point scoring.

“There are major issues around the Department for Regional Development’s budget, including why they have such a big reliance on securing extra money throughout the year to top up their initial budget.

“Alliance has put forward several alternative proposals around possible savings and means of revenue raising, yet these were dismissed by the Minister.

“Where is the Minister’s leadership and alternatives for resolving the budgetary issues in his Department? His budget is around £20million short of minimum required standards for public safety.”


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