Drainage costs scandal slammed by Close

Responding to the news that more than £9m owed to the Department of Agriculture has not been recovered from developers in Northern Ireland over the past 14 years, Alliance Finance Spokesperson and former Stormont Public Accounts Committee member Seamus Close MLA said:

“If ever there was an expose of non-joined-up government, indecision and wastage of public money, then the author of the latest audit report on ‘Recoupment of Drainage Infrastructure Costs’ should receive a Pulitzer Prize.

“Here we have 14 years of going round in circles in graphic detail, ending with a promise to appoint consultants to review the lack of decisions. The NI Audit Office must be applauded for exposing yet another shambles. But those responsible for denying the NI people proper devolved government must share some of the blame for this mess.”

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/3785183.stm

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