Douglas welcomes pilot bicycle hire scheme for Bangor

Alliance Councillor Karen Douglas has welcomed a new pilot bicycle hire scheme that could have a major impact on tourism in the area.

Initially aimed at users of Bangor Marina, the scheme – which sees old bikes traditionally used by posties refurbished and reused – could be rolled out to the general public in the future if all goes to plan.

And as an added bonus, the scheme also raises money for Malawi, Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world, meaning the scheme will not only have a major impact on tourism, but also allows local people to support those less fortunate.

Karen Douglas said: “I was delighted to visit this fantastic scheme and would encourage as many people as possible who have access to make use of the bikes, making a full roll out possible at a later date.

“Across North Down we are blessed with some fantastic tourist sights, yet with such a busy town centre, this new facility will allow many the opportunities to navigate everything we have to offer with ease.

“I hope to see this scheme eventually rolled out across the borough and am looking forward to enjoying it myself when the time comes.”

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