Douglas shocked and disgusted at racist graffiti attack

Alliance Councillor Karen Douglas has said she is shocked and disgusted after a property was targeted in a racist attack in Bangor.

The windows of the house in Primacy Park were smashed and racist graffiti sprayed on the walls on Tuesday (October 2) around 8.50pm.

“This is a disgusting incident and the vast majority of people will rightly condemn it,” said Councillor Douglas.

“I am relieved to hear no-one was at home at the time of this attack, but this still must have been a distressing incident for the residents of the property. I have reported it to Council officers, who will be urgently removing the graffiti.

“There can be no tolerance in our society for such blatant intimidation and racist views. Bangor is a welcoming place where the population deplore this sort of behaviour, so this is not truly reflective of the town.

“I urge anyone with any information on this attack to contact police with it immediately.”

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