Donnelly to contest West Tyrone Assembly election

Student Stephen Donnelly has been named as the Alliance Party’s Assembly candidate for West Tyrone.

Speaking after this selection, Stephen said he was ‘a great honour’ to standing on a vision for a new, shared Northern Ireland.

He said: “It is a great honour to be selected as the Alliance candidate for the Assembly elections in West Tyrone. Sadly it came on Saturday, the second weekend in a row dominated by a security alert in Omagh town.

“But rather than political point scoring, it’s time for everyone to unite together against paramilitarism – there is no place for any form of violence or intimidation in our society.

“The people of Omagh, and the surrounding area, know only too well the devastation that can come from violence – which is why it is vital that all of us in political parties, and in wider civic society, reflect the consensus view of this constituency, which is that we will not allow our future to be the same as our past.

“For those of us that stand for the rule of law, democracy and a shared society in which everyone can prosper – this is a challenge that cannot be shirked.”

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