Donnelly says shooting an outrageous attack

Alliance Councillor Stephen Donnelly has said a shooting at a house in Castlederg was “an outrageous attack”.

The Omagh Councillor was speaking after the incident in the Millbrook Gardens area on Friday (June 7) around 11.20pm. Police believe a shotgun was used to shoot at a window of a property. A female was inside the house at the time but no injuries have been reported.

“This was an outrageous attack and it is only by luck nobody was injured or worse,” said Councillor Donnelly.

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms whoever was behind this attack in Castlederg. Guns have no place on our society and we need to see those who carried out this attack taken off the streets before they do something like this again.

“I want to encourage anyone in the local vicinity who may have any information about this crime to bring that forward to the PSNI to assist in its ongoing investigation.”