Donnelly says report shows overwhelming desire for integrated education

Alliance East Antrim representative Danny Donnelly has said there is an overwhelming desire from the public to see more integrated education, after a major report said such a system had the backing of the majority of people here.

The poll by the Integrated Education Fund showed strong views that the current segregated system is divisive and wasteful, with widespread support for one system across all sectors and demographics.

Mr Donnelly said support for integrated education was clearly growing across Northern Ireland.

“This is yet another poll showing overwhelming support for integrated education. That it is not promoted more by other parties represents a clear failure by them to fill that desire.

“The Good Friday Agreement contains a pledge to facilitate and encourage integrated education in order to foster reconciliation and help create a more tolerant society. Alliance recognises the importance of educating children from different religious backgrounds and none – life is integrated, so children’s formative years should be also.

“This poll shows we need more schools providing such a system. The Education Minister needs to invest further in the integrated school estate to ensure the increasing numbers of parents who want their children to attend integrated schools are able to do so.”

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