Donnelly calls for death threat against local men to be removed

Alliance West Tyrone spokesperson Stephen Donnelly has called for a death threat against a number of men in the Omagh area to be removed immediately.

A statement given to a local newspaper contained the threat against at least six local men, who the unnamed group claim are drug dealers. It was accompanied by an image of three men wearing balaclavas and military-style clothing. A number of guns are also pictured.

Mr Donnelly condemned the threats.

“There is no place whatsoever for vigilantism in Omagh or anywhere else. Violence is never the answer and there can never be any excuse for it. Whoever is behind these threats needs to withdraw them immediately and without reservation.

“Our community has suffered enough in recent times due to the fatal consequences of drugs. We do not need this pain compounded by armed groups subverting the rule of law and the very means by which justice can be secured for bereaved families.

“The only way to tackle criminality such as drug dealing is by reporting incidents to police and helping them with their enquiries. I have no doubt the PSNI have the complete support of the local community in facing down both drug dealers and these thugs.”

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