Donnan: No place in society for homophobia and transphobia

The Chair of the Alliance Party’s LGBT group has said Anti Homophobia and Transphobia week gives everyone across Northern Ireland the opportunity to show their support for the LGBT community.

Stephen Donnan – an Alliance Candidate in Castlereagh East – said homophobia and transphobia can destroy lives in the same way racism, sexism and sectarianism also destroys lives and communities.

Stephen Donnan said: “Homophobia and transphobia have no place in a progressive and forward looking Northern Ireland. Research shows that one in five lesbian, gay and bisexual people have been the victim of one or more incidents in the last three years ranging from verbal attacks, physical violence and intimidation in their home due to their sexual orientation.

“LGBT people are as much a part of our society as anyone else and come from every walk of life, they deserve to be protected from discrimination, prejudice and violence.

“I welcome this annual event and hope that many people from all sections of civic society take part in the events organised to commemorate Anti-Homophobia and Transphobia Week and International Day Against Homophobia on May 17.”

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