Does Larne need a new logo? Aceves-Cully

Alliance Party Council Representative for Larne Town, Elena Aceves-Cully has said that she is opposed to using public money from the borough in changing its logo.

Mrs Aceves-Cully has learnt how the Council is currently considering changing its motif, which bears the borough’s heraldic coat of arms against a green block background and that it may cost as much as £2000.

Elena Aceves-Cully said:

“At a time when it is of public knowledge that councils in their present structure are doomed to disappear in 4-5 years, I can see no point in spending the rates payer money in a new logo.”

“I am aware that may other councils, e.g. Carrick have recently changed their logos to more modern designs. I personally cannot see anything wrong in the current logo and feel it is totally unacceptable that money which could go into better causes is spent in a logo”.

“It the Council decides to opt for a new logo, every effort should be made to minimise its cost. As other councillors have already proposed, I agree with the view that a competition for a new logo could be organised amongst the 3 post-primary schools in the area, which should minimise the cost of the re-branding exercise. The Council could then set up the rules of the required contents of the logo so that it conveys the ethos of the council and borough.”


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