Dixon says Sinn Fein MPs will not be able to concentrate on Westminster as they don’t take their seats

Alliance Craigavon Councillor Conrad Dixon has said that the Sinn Fein MPs who are standing down from the Assembly will not really be doing much more at Westminster as they don’t take their seats.

Cllr Conrad Dixon said: “While I welcome any other party ending double jobbing between the Assembly and Westminster, the fact is they do not take their seats so there is not much for them to concentrate on. It is good to see that they are belatedly following my Alliance colleague Naomi Long’s lead in ending double jobbing, even though she was two years ahead of them.

“While MPs such as Naomi Long have represented Northern Ireland in the House of Commons on issues such Air Passenger duty, welfare reform, taxation and international issues that the Assembly has no responsibility for, Sinn Fein have been voiceless by refusing to take their seats.”


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