Dixon hits out at Unionist parties in Craigavon over majority rule vote

Alliance Craigavon Councillor Conrad Dixon has hit out at the Unionist parties on Craigavon Council for opposing a motion at the Council’s AGM last night that would have moved away from majority Unionist rule. The motion that Cllr Dixon voted for but was defeated would have seen the position of the Mayor shared out between the parties over the course of the Council term.

Cllr Conrad Dixon said: “It appears that the Unionist parties support power sharing in Stormont, but not in Craigavon. I voted for a system in Craigavon Council that would have moved away with the 1960s style unionist rule policy in favour of a policy that would have handed out the position of the Mayor in a fairer system based on party strength.

“I listened to the comments by the Unionist Councillors at the AGM, but not one of them could convince me that the current system was democratic. What the Unionists wanted to do was to go against the wishes of the public and exclude certain parties from what they are entitled to.

“This type of sectarian carve up benefits no one and just makes Craigavon less attractive to investors.

“The leaders of Unionist parties talk of a shared future and of sharing power but it appears that they have not told their party colleagues on Craigavon Council.”


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