Dixon: Councillors must unite to create shared space

Alliance Councillor Conrad Dixon has given his support to an Orange Order event set to take place in People’s Park, Craigavon.
Speaking after the latest meeting of Craigavon Council, he said: “The Alliance Party believes it is essential that we actively seek to create shared neighbourhoods, workplaces and public amenities.
“This does not mean neutral or sterile spaces, but rather vibrant places where everyone and all groups can celebrate their culture and identities in an inclusive manner. People’s Park provides us with a real opportunity to create a truly shared space that everyone in the area can benefit from.
“It is disappointing that many across the community don’t feel comfortable using the park due to its current reputation. This is why we must change this opinion and I would support any group, regardless of their religion or cultural background, to hold an event in our public parks as long as that event was legal and respectful.
“The Councillors must work together turn People’s Park into a successful shared space for everyone. The area is set to be transformed and we should let nothing jeopardise these plans.
“I was disappointed that some other Councillors do not share the Alliance Party’s vision of a shared space and could not support the event.”
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