Dixon: Anger at Craigavon Unionist carve-up

Alliance Councillor Conrad Dixon has criticised Unionist Parties in Craigavon for failing to support power sharing locally.

The local Councillor was speaking after Craigavon Council’s annual AGM, where Unionists took all the top positions – including Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Councillor Conrad Dixon said: “It is disappointing that yet another Craigavon AGM has witnessed the total carve up of top positions by Unionist politicians, denying the clear electoral mandate given to other parties.

“The Council must adopt a fairer, democratic system. I was part of an Alliance delegation that met Minister Attwood last September. At that meeting we pressed for legislation to be introduced to ensure that power sharing is made mandatory within Councils.

“Unfortunately this legislation has not been forthcoming before this AGM. I would urge the Minister to take action on this issue to make sure power sharing will be the basis upon which the top posts in council are shared out following RPA.

“Sectarian carve-ups are stopping us in Craigavon, as elsewhere in Northern Ireland, from reaching our full potential and creating a shared society.

“I am particularly disappointed by the Ulster Unionist Party who were the architects of the Good Friday Agreement. The UUP were once strong advocates of power sharing but here in Craigavon in 2013 well over a decade since the Good Friday Agreement not one Ulster Unionist Councillor feels able to vote for a non-Unionist for any of the top positions.”

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