Dissident IRA thugs must not be allowed to destabilise society

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has said that the miniscule number of Dissident IRA thugs that exist must not be allowed to destabilise the progress made over the past few years. His comments come following the shootings last week and yesterday of police officers, and he said that the authorities need to get the perpetrators off the streets urgently.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Do these thugs have no idea at all? Do they not realise that people are appalled at their barbarity? I am deeply sickened and saddened at the events of the past week.

“The people involved do nothing but try to destroy the society that everyone has worked so hard to build. They cannot be allowed to destabilise our society or the progress that has made in recent years.

“The whole community and all politicians must send out the strong message that violence and sectarianism will be stamped out.

“Those who would wish to cause this type of carnage must to be taken off the streets before they can do any more damage and cause any more hurt. There must be zero tolerance, and anyone with information has a duty to come forward and talk to police.”


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