Disgrace that so much has been spent at Maze yet no progress made

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has revealed that almost £12.5 million has been spent on matters involving the potential redevelopment of the Maze site and he has expressed annoyance that so much has been spent for such minimal results. He gained the answers in Assembly questions to OFMDFM.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “It is staggering that almost £12.5 million has been spent on the Maze site so far, yet there’s next to nothing to show for it.

“There has been a myriad of groups operating under different names dealing with the Maze site yet the one strand running through all of them is that no matter the work they have done, the Maze site is still sitting unused.

“With an amount of money like this being spent on a project the public would rightly expect to see results, but there are little or none in this case.

“Every day that the Maze site sits unused money is being lost to the economy of Lagan Valley and of Northern Ireland .

“When the site was gifted to the Northern Ireland Executive there were such high hopes including the possibility that a multi-sports stadium could be completed in time for the 2012 Olympics but political wrangling has left us in the position of having an empty site and a promised Maze Development Corporation which has yet to be formed after 13 months. The potential remains but where is the political will?

“I would also like to know whether the £3.5 million spent by DCAL on consultancy fees on the abortive stadium project is included in the spending outlined by OFMDFM. The public want this site redeveloped and the least they should expect is for progress to be made quickly now given that so much money has been spent on this matter.”


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