Disappointment at road safety snub: Long

CASTLEREAGH Alliance Councillor, Michael Long, has expressed disappointment at the refusal of a traffic-calming scheme for the Glenview area.

Cllr Long said: “I have been lobbying Roads Service for some time on this matter, as some drivers use dangerously excessive speeds in this area, given that it is residential.

“The Alliance team recently conducted a surveys in the Glenview area and found that an many residents wanted to see traffic calming measures implemented.

“Roads Service conducted an investigation on traffic levels in the area and have, unfortunately, decided not to provide traffic calming measures.

“Many young families live in Glenview and I feel that the introduction of traffic calming measures on these streets would have ensured that children are much safer when crossing the road.

“I am very disappointed that Roads Service have, on this occasion, not recognised the dangers posed in this area; however, I will continue to lobby them for the introduction of traffic calming measures for Glenview.”

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