Dickson – Will OFMDFM’s shared future strategy offer anything new?

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson MLA has said the OFMDFM must keep to their promise to publish their shared future strategy on Thursday and that it must offer new and radical proposals to tackle the deep divisions in our society.

Mr Dickson said: “OFMDFM must honour their commitment. Any delay will be added to the long list of failures and broken promises by OFMDFM to produce a challenging and ambitious shared future strategy.

“When they do produce a strategy, it must not simply be a regurgitated or a watered down version of the failed Cohesion, Sharing and Integration Strategy.

“Peter Robinson claimed as far back as October that a strategy was ready to be published. If they release the same document, then questions must be asked about why they sat on their hands for nearly nine months.

“We need radical and innovative proposals to tackle the biggest challenge facing the Executive.

“The public should check the strategy against the proposals that my party put forward in our ‘For Everyone’ shared future document. It is comprehensive, aiming to increase the number of children in integrated education and develop shared spaces and shared communities with respect for all cultures and traditions.

“If the proposals in their document amount to anything less, then the OFMdFM publication will be viewed as a missed opportunity to build a shared future.”


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