Dickson welcomes police investigation of shots incident

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has welcomed confirmation from the PSNI they are investigating the firing of shots over a coffin in West Belfast.

Footage showed the volley of shots being fired over the coffin of Alec Murphy, who was convicted of the killing of two Army soldiers who were abducted during an IRA funeral in 1988. During the video, a masked man holding a gun fires a number of rounds into the air.

“Any firing of shots is not only disgraceful but also potentially dangerous, given the clear presence of people going about their daily lives which can be seen in the video,” said Mr Dickson.

“There is no place for guns on our streets and I welcome police confirmation they are investigating this incident. It is 2019 – paramilitaries should have left the stage a long time ago, not having shows of strength on our streets. These sorts of displays should be consigned to the past where they belong.

“My colleague John Blair MLA will be raising this incident and asking what police are doing to stop repeats at the next Policing Board meeting and in the meantime, I ask anyone with information to pass it to the PSNI.”