Dickson welcomes Executive funding for initiatives to tackle social deprivation

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson has welcomed the announcement by the Executive of £26 million of funding to tackle social deprivation through a range of initiatives run by different Departments through the reallocation of Social Investment Fund money that was unspent.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “This funding will go a long way towards helping those in some of our most socially deprived areas. The way that this money will be directed will offer a better process for the tackling of social deprivation than the Social Investment Fund which we have criticised for the potential of the duplication of resources.

“This funding announced by the Executive will be directed by the Departments which should prevent a fragmenting of services aimed at reducing social deprivation.

“I am very supportive of any initiative that will attempt to solve the issue of social deprivation that affects many families right across Northern Ireland. The use of newly qualified teachers to help those pupils struggling with literacy and numeracy will help those who would be in danger of leaving school without qualifications and will also help with the problem of young teachers finding it hard to find a job in the education sector.

“The Social Change Investment will allow the Department for Employment and Learning be able to target those young people who are referred to as NEETs, an issue that if left unresolved will have long term implications for our economy.

“I look forward to further details of this announcement being released.”


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