Dickson welcomes approval of Belfast Rapid Transit plans

Alliance Regional Development spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has welcomed news that the Executive has given approval for the Belfast Rapid Transit plans to go to the design and implementation stage.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “Belfast is in need of a large scale investment in public transport and, in particular, a form of rapid transit found in many large cities.

“For example, the Luas System has brought obvious benefits to Dublin, which has seen a huge reduction in congestion from cars in the city centre.

“I call on the Executive to provide the full funding required by this project, as radical action must be taken to reduce congestion that is causing misery for commuters in Belfast.

“While the three routes in the initial plan are to be welcomed, now that approval has been granted, I am asking Department Officials to give immediate consideration to expanding the system to add a rapid transit route from North to South Belfast in the future.

“This will help to create an even larger scale and more integrated transport system, with more travel options for commuters.”


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