Dickson urges Translink to install anti-sectarian campaign

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has urged Translink to install an anti-sectarian poster campaign on its trains and buses.

The campaign by Scottish anti-sectarian group Nil by Mouth shows a train map to various local prisons, with a caption stating ‘Use sectarian language on the train and who knows where you’ll end up?’

Mr Dickson responded to a tweet by the group, tagging in Translink and asking the local operator about the chances of a similar campaign here. Nil by Mouth replied to say they were “more than happy to donate the artwork and concept free of charge”.

“Nil by Mouth do a fantastic job challenging sectarianism in all aspects of society. That attempt to eliminate sectarian attitudes and behaviour could translate easily to Northern Ireland,” he said.

“The idea of a poster campaign directly tackling sectarianism on buses and trains here is a good one, made all the better by Nil by Mouth offering its concept and artwork free of charge. I urge Translink to take up this offer and do their part in helping move us from a divided society to a united community.”

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