Dickson urges people to think of safety near train lines

Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has backed the Think Safe – Stay Safe campaign to encourage people act safely when near train lines or using level crossings, saying he hopes the campaign will help prevent tragedies in the future.

Stewart Dickson said: “We all know of the carnage that can be caused by people failing to act in a safe manner near railway tracks, on station platforms or at level crossings.

“People need to be aware that if they go through the lights at a level crossing they will face the weight of the law and this campaign will hopefully help ensure people behave responsibly near train tracks.

“Those who act irresponsibly do not just endanger themselves but often are endangering the lives of people on trains going through level crossings.

“Particularly, with the new trains being introduced soon for the Larne line, which will be much faster and quieter than those they will replace, it is vital that campaigns like this are in operation.

“It is also particularly important that those responsible for young people reinforce the message of how dangerous train lines are to help ensure we can prevent tragedies in the future.”


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