Dickson urges DRD to look again at axing of A2 Shore Road widening scheme

Alliance Carrickfergus Councillor Stewart Dickson has called upon the Department for Regional Development to look again at their decision to stop work on the A2 Shore Road widening scheme in Greenisland. The DRD draft Savings Delivery Plan indicated that no money will be made available for this project in the next budget despite a lot of preparatory work being carried out.

Cllr Stewart Dickson said: “This decision has left the area in limbo as a lot of work had commenced and now all of a sudden it has stopped. A large amount of money had been spent on buying properties and land that would be needed for this road widening, but yet we do not know what is happening.

“The Minister must reconsider his Department’s plan of just abandoning this scheme and instead contact local groups and explain what is happening. His Department probably just decided that they could make most of their savings by ending this project without giving consideration to the local community.

“This road widening scheme would be extremely beneficial to the area and would help local businesses. But now there will not be any business growth as people will be put off setting up in the area due to uncertainty about this scheme.

“I have campaigned on this issue for 25 years and I think it would be a terrible mistake if this project is left on the scrap heap. So, I would urge the Minister to reconsider this decision.”


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