Dickson – there can be no let up in action to tackle domestic abuse

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has welcomed the progress reported in the Criminal Justice Inspectorate’s (CJI) review of their recommendations on domestic violence and abuse, but has said that more work needs to be done to tackle domestic abuse.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “There can be no let up in action to tackle domestic abuse. It is a terrible crime that must be eradicated. We need to support the victims and encourage them to report cases as well as educating people about these types of crimes. There is also a need to ensure that all perpetrators will face justice in the courts.

“While this report does highlight that there is more work to be done by the PSNI and Public Prosecution Service to meet the recommendations of the original report, I welcome the acknowledgement from the CJI that a lot of work has already taken place to achieve all the targets. Where recommendations have not been achieved, it has been because the PSNI and PPS are awaiting decisions at a UK level before they can clarify their approach in Northern Ireland.

“I trust that the PSNI and PPS will take on board all the comments that this report makes, and hope that they will be able to move speedily to implement all of the recommendations.”


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