Dickson Supports Tougher Legislation against Human Trafficking

Alliance East Antrim MLA and Justice Spokesperson, Stewart Dickson, voted in favour of tougher legislation against human trafficking on Tuesday 19th February in the Assembly.

The debate on the Criminal Justice Bill also contained measures relating to sex offender notification requirements, DNA and fingerprint retention.

Speaking in the Assembly, Mr Dickson said: “In recent years, the horrors of human trafficking have become more apparent and society has rightly called for a robust response.

“It is imperative that these crimes are treated seriously and that sentences reflect the gravity of the offences.

“I welcome the fact that human trafficking will be included in the schedule of offences that can be referred to the Court of Appeal on the grounds that they may be considered unduly lenient.

“It is vital that we make clear our abhorrence of human trafficking and that it will not be tolerated in Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland is sending out a very clear message today that we are closed to human traffickers.”


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