Dickson says victims have been abandoned

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has said victims of domestic abuse and violence have been abandoned, after a report said measures to help them were on hold due to the lack of a functioning Assembly.

The report by the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice said there was ‘no excuse’ for long delays in implementing such measures, with ‘key initiatives’ suggested up to nine years ago having not been acted upon.

“It is intolerable the lack of an Assembly has led to victims of domestic abuse and violence being abandoned,” said Mr Dickson.

“We critically need new laws to protect those affected by domestic violence, to show we are serious about protecting them and the issue in general, which is a blight on our society.

“We want to see a society where everyone can feel free from intimidation and violence, and create an environment where people feel safe to speak out against and report incidents of domestic violence.

“It is vital the Assembly is restored and any new Ministers work cross-Departmentally to support victims and crack down on domestic violence.”