Dickson says Ulster Bank must provide leadership and support

Alliance Chief Whip, Steward Dickson MLA, has called on the Ulster Bank to step up and provide customers with leadership and support, as the bank enters its third week of technical disruption.

Calling the situation an “absolute disgrace”, the East Antrim MLA has said Ulster Bank must act fast to end the misery currently being suffered by many across Northern Ireland.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “It is completely unacceptable that Ulster Bank customers have been left to cope with the financial fallout from technical difficulties completely beyond their control. But what is worse is that customers have been left to cope with no-one from the Ulster Bank stepping up to answer their questions.

“It is this lack of support that has led to many questions going unanswered, fuelling rumours that have only left customers more panicked.

“It is an absolute disgrace that a pay day has come and gone and we are now into a new month, and one which will see many more going on holiday, uncertain of how they will fund trips. On top of this many pensioners have been left in financial difficulties, unable to gain access to their pensions for almost three weeks.

“The Ulster bank must get its act together and put a plan in place to ensure the backlog of transactions are brought up to date, full financial access is restored to all its customers and that credit ratings are not seriously damaged in the long term.”


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