Dickson says those who took part in trouble at St Patrick’s church must live with the consequences of their actions

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has said that if people break the law then they will have to face the consequences. His comments follows the arrest of 11 men in relation to provocative conduct in front of St Patrick’s church on Clifton Street on the 12th July parade. Three others have been interviewed by police. All 14 have been released pending further investigation.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “The Police have taken the correct decision to investigate the provocative actions of several bandsmen outside St Patrick’s church on the 12th July parade.

“Those who took part in provocative conduct, the several incidents of violence or breaches of parade’s commission rulings over the summer months at St Patrick’s church must answer for the consequences of their actions. If convicted they will face having a criminal record which will be with them for the rest of their life.

“All politicians have a duty to condemn any of trouble that arose from this summer’s parades, any failure to do so shows that they are not serious about resolving this issue.”


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