Dickson says there should be no attempt to cover up child sexual abuse

Alliance Justice spokesperson, Stewart Dickson MLA, has said that there should not be any attempt to cover up child sexual abuse and associated illegal interrogations by paramilitaries.

Mr Dickson was speaking after a man alleged that he and his brother were sexually assaulted by a member of the IRA in County Louth in the 1990s. The man also claimed that he was interrogated by the IRA about his allegations.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “All child sex abuse must be fully investigated by the Police and not by organisations that, by their very existence, intimidate and threaten individuals.

“Following the allegations made last week by Mairia Cahill, I am deeply troubled by this man’s claims about the abuse that he and his brother have suffered, and his treatment after he first raised these allegations.

“It is very brave of him to speak out and I would urge him to contact the Gardai. There must be no attempt to cover up any abuse. The only organisation that should be investigating such claims are the Police.

“All victims of abuse must be given support and justice by the authorities.”


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