Dickson says that shops should set a good example on environment

Alliance Environment Spokesperson Stewart Dickson has stated that shops and businesses should do their best to be environmentally-friendly and that it will benefit them in the long-term. He stated that shops that go green can expect a better response from customers and possibly increased business. His comments come as Marks and Spencer announced a £200 million, 5 year plan to make the company carbon neutral.

The Carrickfergus Councillor and East Antrim representative said: “I commend any business which sets green targets for itself. It is good to see business taking environmental issues seriously and investing in the issue.

“I would strongly encourage all businesses to carry out an audit to find out where they can maximise recycling and good environmental practices.

“Shops and businesses will benefit from doing this in the long run, as customers are made aware of their efforts. It may lead to increase sales and increased credibility for the company in recognition of their environmentalism.”


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