Dickson says Robinson has forgotten about his call for a single education system

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson MLA has said that Peter Robinson has done nothing to promote integrated education in the two years since he made a call for a single education system on the 15th October 2010. During a speech last night at a DUP association dinner in West Tyrone he did not mention anything about a single education system.

Alliance left talks about the revised Cohesion, Sharing and Integration strategy over the failure of the other parties including the DUP to agree to help the integrated education sector.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I was not surprised to hear that Peter Robinson no longer seems to care about a single education system by his failure to mention it in his speech to a DUP association in West Tyrone.

“He showed his lack of support for the integrated education sector by his refusal to accept Alliance suggestions on this issue for the revised Cohesion, Sharing and Integration strategy.

“Robinson does seem happy with letting the integrated education exist, but he has not shown any commitment to helping improve this sector.

“We should not forget that when Peter Robinson says single education system, he does not mean integrated education, instead he is just in favour of having one system with no integrated sector, Irish Medium or Catholic sector. This is Peter Robinson’s vision for Northern Ireland, it is certainly not a shared future one. People should not be fooled into thinking that the DUP are big supporters of integrated education as their actions have shown that they clearly are not.”

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