Dickson says more regulation needed of private rental sector

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said there needs to be more regulation given to privately rented homes during a debate on the growth of the sector in the Assembly.

The East Antrim MLA said he was concerned the DUP Social Development Minister was not in attendance for the debate, which called on him to introduce measures to regulate the sector.

“We are experiencing a crisis in housing provision – there is a shortage of the right kind of homes for people and often the only solution is to point them towards the virtually unregulated private rented sector, in which they can end up in some of the most difficult properties I have ever seen families forced to live in.

“Many landlords provide decent homes in the private rented sector. However, I see the situation many people live in, the rents they are required to pay and the inadequate heating systems in their properties, all of which shows it is important the Minister come forward with appropriate plans to deliver a much higher standard of regulation in the private rented sector.

“But once again we saw an important debate but the party-before-people absent DUP Minister deemed it unnecessary to attend. We were talking about people’s homes, where they live and raise their children, yet we have a Minister who is not prepared to join in that debate.”

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