Dickson says flags report justifies party’s approach

Alliance East Antrim MLA Stewart Dickson has said a new academic report into flags has justified the party’s approach into flag flying.

Mr Dickson was speaking after the release of Flags: Towards a New Understanding by researchers from Queen’s University. It recommends unofficial flags being flown only with community consent and remaining in place for two weeks, similar to Alliance’s suggestions in a currently ongoing party consultation.

“These proposals are similar to Alliance’s Celebration, Not Demarcation consultation document, which is a bid to help resolve this issue because statutory agencies have so far failed to do in a fair and respectful way,” he said.

“The unofficial display of flags is often used to mark territory, create tension and stop public space being shared. This report, Alliance’s consultation and the responses we have received so far show there is a pressing need for a clear, transparent framework to give a time-bound, respectful approach which could create a fairer balance between the right to celebrate events with legal flags and the right of everyone to be safe and welcome.”

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