Dickson says DUP participating in ‘voluntary exit scheme’ for their Ministers

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has accused the DUP of participating in a “voluntary exit scheme” by once again nominating their Executive Ministers, only to resign them again in the near future.

East Antrim MLA Mr Dickson was speaking after the DUP continued their policy of nominating health, enterprise, regional development and social development Ministers today (Wednesday). They are expected to resign again imminently.

Mr Dickson said it contrasted with work Alliance Ministers were continuing to carry out in their roles.

“The DUP have clearly settled on a voluntary exit scheme for their Ministers. This ‘now you see them, now you don’t’ approach is doing nothing but harming the people and businesses who need help – with health issues, roads problems, housing matters and attracting investment. It is causing massive instability in the institutions.

“Contrast that irresponsibility with Alliance Ministers continuing to carry out their work – this week alone, David Ford and Stephen Farry have launched important strategies on helping rehabilitate offenders and increasing employment opportunities for those with disabilities.

“Meanwhile, the DUP have ignored important debates, such as the one Alliance brought on the refugee crisis, and just as importantly, refused to answer Ministerial questions, in order to play these silly games. The party needs to stop and get back to the job the public elected them to do – which is helping govern Northern Ireland.”

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