Dickson says DUP have failed on council powersharing

East Antrim Alliance MLA elect Stewart Dickson has expressed disgust at the DUP’s move to create a unionist pact in Castlereagh when they lost the overall majority. He said the move shows they still unwilling to share power in Councils. Stewart Dickson said: “We want to see powersharing and positive politics across all our councils. “Northern Ireland has moved forward and it’s vital that all councils have real powersharing to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and that consensus can be built on delivering the best services for everyone through local government. “We have powersharing at Stormont and this should be the case across all councils too. “People will be annoyed at this latest move from the DUP and UUP and this demonstrated how they really feel about community relations and cooperation in councils. “Tribal pacts are negative, they do not represent positive politics and they must be opposed at all levels. Alliance has had magnificent results in the recent elections – people have voted for change and we will continue to deliver change and work to improve community relations right across all forms of government.” ENDS

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