Dickson says DUP have a major misunderstanding of judicial independence

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has criticised the continued statements from the DUP that are interfering in the judicial process. Both Sammy Wilson and Peter Robinson have refused to listen to senior judges who have said that politicians should not become involved in the judicial system.

Stewart Dickson said: “The DUP have a major misunderstanding of judicial independence. I do not know why they continue to criticise senior judges when it is clear that they have lost the argument.

“Sammy should know when to stop digging, even on behalf of his leader who now stands totally discredited on the subject.

“We are getting into dangerous territory by the continued desire of the DUP to infere in individual court cases.

“The comments by Sammy and Peter are fuelling a mistaken belief that people are not being treated fairly by the courts and police.”

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