Dickson says discovery of terrorist hide worrying development

The discovery of what is believed to be bomb-making components in woods near Larne is a worrying development, Alliance East Antrim MLA Stewart Dickson has said.

Mr Dickson was speaking following the find of a terrorist hide in Capanagh Forest. Police are currently working to see if a link exists between it and a similar find in Carnfunock Country Park nearby in March.

“To have two such discoveries in close proximity in a number of months can only be described as extremely worrying,” said Mr Dickson.

“This minority looking to cause instability and drag us back to the bad old days of violence and terror are fighting a losing battle. They are to be condemned utterly.

“Thanks go to the people who discovered this hide and the security forces for acting in such a quick manner, ensuring the safety of the public and potentially saving lives. I urge anyone with information on this to contact police immediately.”

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