Dickson says airport public transport links key for infrastructure

Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has said Northern Ireland needs to show more ambition regarding our airport transport infrastructure, saying we should be looking to deliver improved public transport links to our major airports.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “We need to be more ambitious about our transport infrastructure. I would like to see improved public transport links to our airports, including a feasibility study on the potential for a railway line to Belfast International Airport and for the provision of a railway stop at City of Derry Airport. The railway already runs very close to the airport in Londonderry so simply building a halt there would provide an invaluable rail link to a much used airport. This would help boost sustainability and also help boost the use of our airports.

“There is already a train stop fairly close to City Airport but there’s a real need for a direct link to the airport either through a footbridge or an underground walkway.

“Recently, I got the Regional Development Committee to visit airports here to look at transport links. These were very useful visits and I believe we should now be taking the next step and exploring how to improve these links.

“Look how important businesses consider travel links to be when examining where to invest, so the benefits of such projects will be very tangible, both for tourism and our wider economy.”


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