Dickson says Adams can’t speak of reconciliation and a border poll at the same time

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson MLA has criticised the continued suggestion by Gerry Adams that a border poll should take place.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “Gerry Adams cannot speak of reconciliation while at the same time calling for a border poll. A border poll will not be taking place any time soon, any talk to the contrary is just stoking up tensions.

“The issue of reconciliation is what we should be concentrating on now. Mr Adams needs to concentrate his efforts on tackling the problems in our society today.

“He will find it hard to reach out across the divide when he continues to use the inflammatory language of a border poll.

“When he brought up this proposal earlier this year it was widely panned. I criticised him for proposing such a divisive poll during such a sensitive time. He needs to move on and help with the real problems that are here and now. Perhaps Mr Adams is out of touch with real life issues on the streets here in Northern Ireland; it’s jobs, reconciliation, and dealing with the past that urgently needs to be tackled not pie in the sky border polls.”


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